Chef Chuck Hayworth

Being from North Carolina, Chuck was raised in the traditions of southern food and hospitality. Instilled with a passion for cooking by his grandmother, Chuck dreamed of becoming a chef. He enrolled at Johnson & Wales and was on his way. Unfortunately a bout with a stomach sidelined him. Doctors told him that he may never eat solid foods again and that he certainly would not be a chef. This made Chuck’s passion for the culinary arts stronger. He beat the cancer, finished school and began to work in some of the South’s premiere restaurants and hotels. He credits a diet of locally sourced foods for his recovery and ten plus years of remission. During the 2010’s Chef Chuck enjoyed sharing his love of locally grown foods at Worth It Café in Durham, North Carolina and throughout the triangle, teaching classes and giving demos at farmers markets and other local venues. “No matter where you live, stay, Thankfully Local” is his mantra. He believes that cooking and eating locally can be done anywhere in America.

In 2012 Chef Chuck Hayworth was approached about working in television. The result was his cooking show Thankfully Local with Chef Chuck. It ran on MAVTV for four seasons. After the show wrapped, Chef Chuck decided to write down his inspiring story. Working with experts in the field, he published the Amazon Best Selling by Category “The Chefs Recovery” in early 2014.

The Chef’s Recovery


In his early twenties, while pursuing a career as a chef, Chuck Hayworth was diagnosed with stomach cancer. Years of painful and slow recovery motivated Chuck to find a better way to fight his disease. Combining his knowledge of the culinary arts with a strong will to succeed, Chuck was able to fully heal his stomach. In sharing his triumphant and cancer-fighting recipes, Chef Chuck hopes to help many others win their fight against cancer.


Thankfully local with chef chuck

Seasons: 4 Season

Chef Chuck Hayworth survived stomach cancer, which he attributes to eating nothing but locally grown produce, and now he shares his passion for shopping for fresh ingredients, learning about regional and urban farms, and transforming these ingredients into spectacular dishes for friends and family. Even though Chef Chuck primarily shops his home state of North Carolina, he also travels to other locales across the Southeastern United States, highlighting the men and women who grow the food on our tables, while also serving up education, shopping tips, and recipes. Each 30-minute episode highlights a single ingredient, like cherries or potatoes, or features a theme, such as Fall brunch or tailgating — all with local ingredients and flavors.